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Studio Participation Criteria:

  • Must have had 15 or more group routines entered into their respective Dance Wave Competition (Leap/USTD/Energy) for the 2020 or 2021 season


  • Must have a minimum of 40 dancers participating in the Dance Wave Competition


  • Must enter a minimum of 9 group routines, with a maximum of 12 group routines on board to participate:

    • Small Groups: 4 - 8 dancers

    • Large Groups: 9 - 14 dancers

    • Lines: 15+ dancers


Competition Divisions:

All ages as of January 1st, 2021:

  • Petite: ages 4 to 8

  • Junior: ages 9 to 12 

  • Teen: ages 13 to 15

  • Senior: ages 16 & Over

Routine Age Divisions & Categories:

Each studio will be required to compete a minimum of 9 routines and a maximum of 12 routines. Each studio will only be allowed to compete ONE ROUTINE from the age divisions and categories listed below.

  • For example, one studio will NOT be allowed to compete 2 Teen Small Groups.

Age Divisions & Categories:

  1. Petite Small Group

  2. Petite Large Group

  3. Petite Line

  4. Junior Small Group

  5. Junior Large Group

  6. Junior Line

  7. Teen Small Group

  8. Teen Large Group

  9. Teen Line

  10. Senior Small Group

  11. Senior Large group

  12. Senior Line


​Competition Finals:

  • Each Studio’s highest scoring Petite/Junior routine and highest scoring Teen/Senior routine will compete for Junior & Senior "Tidal Wave Award"

    • Each studio is guaranteed 1 routine in Petite/Junior Finals and 1 routine in Teen/Senior Finals

Tidal Wave Award | Grand Prize:


Top Junior or Senior Group Award:

  • AUTOMOBILE (2 year lease) for top studio winner!

    • ​​​Studios will also have the option of a cash prize instead of a 2-year lease on an awarded vehicle​.


Cost per Dancer:


  • $800.00 ($795.00 + $5.00 processing fee)

    • $100.00 deposit per dancer is due by: September 28th, 20120

    • Balance of registration fees is due by: October 30th, 2020

  • Studio to pay for dancers as a group. Dancer fees are non-refundable, however, they are transferable until 30-days prior to sailing.


  • Dancer roster and corresponding payments will be provided to Dream Vacations/World Travel once collected (hotel, airfare, and transportation to and from cruise terminal not included)



Cost per Person: 

(Not applicable to Studio Directors +1 Guest and Dancers):

  • $800.00 per person ($795.00 + $5.00 processing fee)

    • “Elevate your experience by upgrading cabin type – up to 8 upgrade options available”

  • Minimum $100.00 deposit to guarantee reservation.

  • Dream Vacations/World Travel will begin to accept deposits October 1st, 2020 (hotel, airfare, and transportation to and from cruise terminal not included)

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